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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Musings...

Courtesy of Flickr- on our Pinterest 

I had just gotten the porch finished up with some pretty fall pumpkins and leaves when Buddy just didn't have another ounce of energy... He wandered off and plopped down behind a chair.  I had to snap his photo.  He says Happy Fall !

OUR Sweet Bones - aka Buddy 

This is the time of year that I simply ADORE !  Leaves starting to turn in a few places, 
more deer venturing out to munch in our pasture, coffee in the morning that we can actually enjoy because it's a little cooler.. and of course the wonderful recipes that remind us the holidays are nearing. I hope you enjoy your week- and this recipe.

This absolutely divine pork dish is one of the simplest of evening meals and worth all three steps !
Enjoy the smell of Thanksgiving any day you decide to whip this dish up for your friends or family. While staying with our friends in Houston, awaiting meetings with the doctor on Monday our hostess delighted us all with this wonderful recipe.

Elegant Pork chops with Apple


 Boneless Pork  -  4- 6  chops small cut into about  2 ” strips
1 box of stuffing mix- adding your favorite ingredients like celery, onion, nuts etc.
1 can or jar of prepared apple pie filling ( Comstock )


Using an 8 x 10 glass dish, open and spread out the pie filling on the bottom
of the dish.
Brown the pork chops on both sides, salt & pepper for seasoning, then set aside. 
Prepare stuffing mix- keeping a little more moist than usual.
Layer on top  of the pie filling- the pork chops , then the stuffing on top of pork strips. 
Drizzle a little butter on top for extra crispy stuffing if you like.


Bake in 350 degree oven for approx. 50 min. to one hour - until
pork and top of stuffing is browned and crispy
in places. * Should be tender to cut.

I have to tell you, your family and or friends will gush over this recipe !  You will be the hero of the day ( or week ) and the house will smell like thanksgiving - a little early.  And.. you won't have to call the family twice when you prepare this. Try it with roasted cauliflower , peas, or a side salad.  Enjoy !

Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie

Aging the home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Finally here...

Well , all the hours of searching, sifting through fabrics, styles , etc.  have finally resulted in a completed Family Room to show you. This was our 5th project they had entrusted us with, and with each project their trust grew, but a desire to have a fresh new look gave them a few nerves.. 
They were wanting to accomplish a small list of desires for their growing family of four & their adorable dog , Buddy ...

On the list was larger, deeper sofas that hubby could stretch out on... boys could lounge on with their friends...  Storage , and the hiding of a little “ Mess ” ( you know boys will be boys ) 
I like a challenge, but on the list & a high priority was a recliner that had a pattern.. you know- not just a standard old solid or leather.. 
So, with that challenge , I found a nice shaped new one & we promptly had it re-covered ( I know it was new ) in a sleek, graphic print that made it pop !   And, it was a little unexpected with all the other fabrics that were softer, textural and less bold to be sure.
 I always like to have one item that is unexpected, makes a statement and gives the room a little edge. 

  Buddy is a cutie, but you know what, best of all  - he matches our color scheme :)  

Colorful Cubes replace a more traditional "coffee table " 

We kept the family fireplace photo and added new large hurricanes, green glass bottles, spheres and cream books to update. We painted over dark vases, reused some of her greenery & replaced the fireplace screen with an overall circular pattern - complimenting the fabric of her new panels....

Bookcases are styled for a clean, fresh new look. Varying
shades of greens, charcoals and creams added to the overall
color scheme of the room.

The styling of the custom sofas made them a little less traditional and let my clients hedge towards a more transitional look without a full commitment.  The updated leg, and simple arm says current and fresh. They still retained the "softness " in styling they were looking for, not to mention the comfort factor we all want.  We want our men comfortable !

This is the very pretty & shapely table on which that lovely Green lamp is perched !
A little detail and the way in which the woodwork is headed.. just a little lighter.

The next step will be to do a finish on ALL the woodwork in this and surrounding areas adjacent to this room in a light creamy tan/oatmeal color to better compliment the scheme. 
Oh... can we say lovely ? 

Ok, we are off to start on their updated Living Room- getting it ready for all 
the visiting relatives this holiday season.

Then-  I want to take some time to create some special handmade things for our 
girls this Christmas- whew... with 6 of them I had better get started. 

Diana & Aubrie
Aging the home gracefully, Home decor with a past.  

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