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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Naked Fireplace...

Well folks, many a moon has shone on this new home in the country we had longed for- many days and nights of unpacking, rearranging, having family & friends over... But NO FURNITURE , NO ACCESSORIES, & NO lamps... in the family room or Den.  Get the picture?

Lots to do... here's a good start ! This fireplace is daunting or should I say keeping me up at night ?

Until a few weeks ago, Aubrie & I were over industrious and decided to have my Dad come out ( don’t ya just love Dads ? ) and bring the last load of things from the warehouse.. an overflow of things for the website- odds & ends, things remaining from shows and the move out here.

As we were unpacking I ran across an old print on board that I had used as a fireplace screen in a house before I married my Darling, an old window screen that Aubrie had in her office ... and away we went ! 
I literally had the idea, grabbed her by the hand and practically pulled her into the house. It only took a few seconds to show her what I had in mind....

I wanted a fairly neutral pallet, weathered type furniture and pops of green. And honey , did it work out well.  A few weeks earlier my Darling asked me once again- “ Are you SURE ” ?  before cutting the legs off of my favorite farmhouse table to create the PERFECT COFFEE TABLE for me. 
A great job.. thanks honey !

Loved it as a table, but couldn't cross my legs,  so it makes a much better coffee table, don't you think ?

Along with the large arrangements I had made the month before, the few things we put together looked pretty good & we accomplished what we intended to do.  Just “scrounging” through things I already owned proved to be the best shopping and FREE ...  Gotta LOVE IT ! 

Much better..... but will have to edit.... you know how it is.....

Next I have my sights on being very creative, painting on some old bottles and making some lovely artwork for our bedroom with some botanicals that I found on Etsy...   Another story... another time.

Till next time-   Write & tell us what you can repurpose.

Diana & Aubrie

Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Antique Fair

 My Darling & I started out to town this morning for a different treat for breakfast and we decided to
 just “piddle” and antique across a few counties.. 
We headed for Stephenville- home of Tarleton State University and headed 
onto a great little place where we had been a part of a small,  but extra friendly 
Antiques / Vintage sale this past Fall.
A little town probably familiar to some of you- HICO...home of “ Homestead ”
beautiful store with the original stone walls, hardwood floors - housed in the 
beautifully restored Opera House ( 1895 ) .
Owners, Mike & Brenda James host this ANTIQUE FAIR twice a year- in the Spring and again in the Fall.
 Admission is a whopping $2.00 and all net proceeds go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center , which by the way is our 
Home away from Home “  lately... 

Guess what is this coming Friday and Saturday the 25th & 26th of May?
Correct... The Spring addition of the HOMESTEAD ANTIQUE FAIR.

According to Brenda they will have over 32 Vendors with an array of 
handmade, repurposed and unique vintage goodies to make anyone happy !  And if you're
hungry- go across the street to the Koffee Kup for a wonderful meal or a piece of 
pie- they know how to do PIE !

We had a ball, met some wonderful people and saw some of the most creative
displays this past Fall and if all works out will be filling our weekend morning with
 a day trip back for this Fair.  So...If you get a chance, it’s not far from the
DFW metroplex and worth the trip. And proceeds go for a GREAT cause !

Take a look at some of the quality items that were in the store today-

A wonderful selection of Antique botanicals

Beautiful bedding.. Vintage laces, &  appliques .
Lots of small goodies to be every turn.....

Drop by if you have the TIME

Hope to see you there this weekend !

Diana & Aubrie
107 Vintage
Aging your home gracefully , Home decor with a past.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweet Treat for Saturday

Friday started off nicely, but my Darling just didn't have the afternoon or evening
we had hoped... not feeling wonderful, went off to bed early.. bummer for me- you know Friday
nights are usually a little more fun. I had planned to watch a fun movie together and enjoy each
other. But the best laid plans sometimes go awry : (

Well.. what to do ?   I dug out his favorite recipe for a sweet treat, got in my renovated kitchen,  that I love... ( which I will show you soon )  and made a wonderful family recipe. Can you guess?

Chocolate Pie !  Yes, it is the real deal. It's my darling's family recipe and treasured in our home
for certain.  I am hoping it will put a smile on his face and make it a better Saturday for him.

No, chocolate pie will not take away the aches and feelings that his latest Chemo treatment has
provided... but it will make his heart happy- and a happy heart tends to get us through the day a little
easier..   CHOCOLATE. YUM.....

Just out of the oven- Stay tuned for the recipe...

Chocolate Pie
Start with the easiest homemade crust that you can just make in the pie pan-
Go ahead and make to have ready as your filling finishes up.
1/2  Cup + 3/4 tsp. of  Wesson oil 
1/4  Cup milk
1/2  tsp. salt
1  1/2  Cups of all purpose flour
Mix well, and press gently into and up onto edges of pan to form crust. Bake in a 385 degree oven for about 10 minutes until golden brown.
4 Tablespoons flour and 2 tsp. of cornstarch
1 cup of sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
2  3/4 to 3 Tablespoons of Hershey ( or your favorite )  Cocoa
2 Cups of Milk
3 egg yolks-               **** be sure to reserve the whites for Meringue
3/4  tsp. of vanilla
2-3  tsp. of butter
Add first three ingredients well,  mix in chocolate until all little lumps are
smooth, THEN add the milk and stir well.

  • This is a recipe you cannot walk away from- really have to stir frequently !

Cook on low heat, stirring frequently until it starts to thicken slightly.
Temper egg yolks by adding 3-4 large spoonfuls of chocolate liquid into the
gently stirred egg yolks, stir well, then re-add all into the pan of Chocolate.
Continue to stir and let cook another three or four minutes until completely
thickened. THEN, add the vanilla and butter. Stir well. 

** Temper the eggs first is Very important- you cannot pour eggs directly into the hot mixture
because you will little pieces of almost "scrambled" eggs in chocolate- Not a good thing:(
So just mix the egg yolks in a small bowl, pour about 1/2 cup or large scoop of hot chocolate
liquid into the eggs, stir well, THEN add back into the cooking chocolate pie mixture.That
will "temper" the eggs. 
Pour into a cooled crust. 


Using the reserved or separated egg whites ( 3 )  you saved from the eggs
earlier-  pour them into a medium bowl,  add 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar,
and 1/2 tsp. vanilla.  Beat on high speed until stiff peaks form , THEN
go ahead and add your Sugar- about 4-5 Tablespoons - Careful to only
add ONE at a time, mixing on high until  glossy or shiny peaks form.
Pour onto a fairly cooled pie.... Bake at 350 degrees for about 8-10 min.
until the meringue is turning a nice golden brown.
Cool and Enjoy :)       ** Let us know how you like it... It is worth every minute.

Till next time- Have a Happy Saturday.
Diana & Aubrie
107 Vintage
Aging your home gracefully, home decor with a past.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Treat Yourself

Spring is here.. While I am not looking forward to the coming heat ( We are in TEXAS)... I am anxious to see all the beautiful flowers that show off for us with the spring rains.
Even in the most modest room, flowers add just that little pop of color that makes everyone smile.: )

Country Living

Awhile back I mentioned that on one of our trips to Houston for my husband’s treatments my younger girls surprised me with a darling present that also made me smile : )
They used what we had around here- an old watering galvanized tin and filled it with the most darling flowers to cheer us as we walk in from the long trip...

We have a market about an hour from us that has an indoor “ flower market “ so... the next time we make the trip in from the country, I have decided to pick up some bright, cheery flowers and treat myself !
 Maybe with Mother’s Day quickly approaching hubby will surprise you, but if not, ladies - treat yourself !  

Diana & Aubrie
Gracefully aging your home, Home decor with a past.

                                       107 Vintage

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day !!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shed a little light... Today's Lanterns

Via Pinterest- brabournefarm.blogspot.

 Now is the perfect PICNIC WEATHER...

House Beautiful - One of my Favorites- colors are lovely !

Have you ever noticed how a larger than life lantern can change the looks of an area ?
It seems like all the homes I am drawn to lately have a large “lantern” style light fixture. They are so charming !  Some add a little “farmhouse” appeal, some remind me of the coast of Maine... still others a French- Oh, la la...
I need to find a new area for one or two... maybe three ?  I have the perfect area in mind.

Veranda Magazine- Stealing my heart at the moment.....So Fresh !!


House Beautiful

Wall Lanterns add such a charm... they say welcome with style.

Via Pinterest 

Home of Pam Pierce- via Cotedetexas.blogspot

And, you choose- indoors or out these days....

A Farmhouse charm...

 www.Wisteria.comThis is  beautiful ! 

See what you think?   Which ones are stealing your heart ?

Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

107 Vintage