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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inspirations at RoundTop

A favorite display at Leftovers near RoundTop Antiques Faire in Brenham, Texas

I know, I know.. I’m a little s-l-o-w in getting back to you , We have had company- Large and Small- the smaller of which made for some crazy sleeping.. I felt much like the Jack-In-the-Box Nana for several nights  : )
We have been enjoying the company of family,  deer in the yard every day,  & cooling days as of late. Every sign is pointing straight to my favorite season. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte at our friendly coffee house lately and of course- RoundTop Antiques Faire ( that just officially ended recently ) were the real  signals around this house that Fall had indeed decided to make it’s appearance. 

We braved several hours of travel, found a little hotel that allowed us to take little furry friends along and even fought the rain a little. Overall it was a nice break from routine. Like a energy bar of creativity for the brain....

Beautiful old bottles, large & small caught our eye..
A stop during the rain at Leftovers provided some beautiful displays to savor..
Yes, after hours of walking a much needed soak with Lavender Epsom did the trick !
Exceptional Corbels. . .  Beautiful, right ?
Here is a little sample of the fun. Although we were hoping for some exciting new things and were a little disappointed in that, there were some beautiful displays and creative people everywhere !

Very Fun Vintage "No glair" glasses in display case.
A colorful display at the New Junk Gypsy..
Well.... we just need to Top it off !
A very clever use of floral plates at the New Junk Gypsy

We gained some reflective time- made a decision to change our website
to New Home Decor/ Accessories, and reserve a section dedicated entirely
to the Vintage Decor that we love so much.  Still contemplating a new name
for the Store and all the little details but it's in the works for now.

Till next time- Enjoy this lovely season. Back soon with new plans &
ideas for a new name.


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