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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A French Dresser for Me.... Peace for Her

Having lived for the past 9 months out of boxes  ( Yes, still...) , today seemed like a dream.
 Not being a huge fan of “matchy” furniture, we have been searching for individual pieces with character to start our bedroom project. I would say Re-design, but since we literally have NO furniture in the Master bedroom, it is a start fresh , on a budget project....

We answered a small local ad and off we went, a little unsure of what we would find. Surprisingly and much to my delight, what we found  was a beautiful old french style dresser. It has a lovely shaped mirror and a the most appealing “latte” colored
marble top.

Beautiful, but very heavy- unloaded drawers
Ready to get it in and UP the stairs....

Sadly the previous owner, now entering a retirement home could not take this well loved piece with her.  Not to worry,  her Granddaughter assured us that she would be happy to report to her Grandmother that it was being placed lovingly in our new home in the country. A beautiful start to our peaceful bedroom......

After one hour, cleaning & going UP the stairs..
Just ignore the "sliders"- we have to adjust the mirror.  I am

thinking of maybe a whitewash for this piece? What do you
think? then it would be lovely, and a little more ivory, very stylish.

Rest easy, it WILL hold lots of necessities for us, and have a place of honor in our home. 
We will respect this piece of furniture, loving it as she did for many, many years to come. I’m just thinking about how many times she ran her hand over this marble, opened a drawer or stood in front of the mirror- possibly brushing out her hair before bed ?

I really enjoy having a piece of history, knowing that I can be the new caretaker and  somehow, bestow to her a little peace in the process.

The simple joys are sometimes the best.  

What little joys can you share today ? Share some thoughts with us soon.

Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, home decor with a past...              
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Monday, January 23, 2012

I think we covered it all...

But, it's time to get back to work...

 As always we were truly excited to be out and about at the Dallas show. Sadly, it's over and we wanted to give a little re-cap of some of the new designs and things we saw:

Beautiful new combination of charcoal and blues,
with crisp whites to accent. J.Mackie showrooms.
The always exciting GuildMaster showroom ...
below, just checking it out for comfort,
and taking 5 for my feet.

Love the pottery, and the cabinet behind...
J. Mackie showroom 

We covered multiple floors, the “Temporaries” and the 

new Vintage section, where we ran into some friends we met this past
Fall at our show at RoundTop Texas. We were so excited to see them. They had been invited to do the Vintage section of the show this year at the Dallas Market show.

Cindy has  a wonderful shop in Terrell, Texas.

Cindy from JRNE (Journey) Antiques 

If you get out that way, be sure and pop in and see what you can find. Fun things for sure ! Her store is where I picked up the wonderful antique church pew I am working on for my kitchen.

Have a wonderful evening...

Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, home decor with a past

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Off to Market we go...

As my kids would say, " Yeah, baby".... It is time for Mega Market in Dallas again! I am packing my bag, preparing all my goodies and grabbing my camera so you too can enjoy all the sights. Sure gonna miss " My Darling" ...  

I probably don't need that many suitcases.

We will keep you updated...

It is a grueling schedule... long days, spent walking till you drop, but exciting and motivating all at the same time!  Hey, where are my comfortable shoes anyway ??
We will keep in touch and send photos of all the goodies we are considering for the shop and of course our design business. We always have a list of "wants" for our current clients and make careful notes of items that we might use on a future job. You can imagine how confusing 13 floors of merchandise might mesh together at the end of the day, so good note keeping is mandatory for us. It is a blur for certain !
On Friday we will rummage about in the "Temporaries" looking for those outstanding vendors that are new to the market, bringing their decor to sell only twice a year. This year they have added a new "Vintage" section and a wonderful lady I met at the Hico show has been invited to show her talent off there. I am making it a point to find her space. She is Nancy, of the Her things are unusual and displayed so creatively. You will love her things.
I'm thinking about Vintage style things for our shop, and of course something special for the farmhouse look I mentioned last time- I need to add to my new kitchen and warm it up with a little more color.
I am thinking about some pale blue-purple pottery that i saw last market. Usually when I'm still thinking about something, I know they need to come home with me.
And, if time allows, we will make it over to the Dallas Design Center and meet up with our favorite girls in the Fabricut and Robert Allen showrooms. They always have new fabrics displayed so beautifully, set off with the latest trimmings. You will want to decorate your entire house.

Off to Market we go...  will send a blog "postcard" so you can enjoy with us.

Diana &Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Decorations down... Finding new decor

Have you ever noticed how empty your house feels after all the holiday decorations are packed up and put away ?  I usually end up spending some time walking around the house, thinking that it looks almost bare. Or in some areas, very bare. 
So, i came up with a few new ideas to look for on our trip to
Market this next week. We will be there working on finding new products for our website, and working on a new living room re-design for a wonderful client.
I think while we are at market, ( an exhilarating place) I will find a new french farmhouse look for my kitchen.... and definitely a colorful new fabric to make draperies for the family room. I have been putting it off but it’s time. When i remarried this past year, my husband and i wanted a house in the country, and had been looking for over a year and finally landed out on 6 acres with a good sturdy house. It had good “bones” and even better, a RED BARN.

Not mine... I wish !!! What a great barn.

All the major services were in good working order, so only cosmetics were left to be done. Now after adding all the major things, like new carpeting, hardwood, new texture, paint, etc. it is time for more personal things- Vintage lace, accessories, silver, new “old” things to add our own personal touch. 
I am a huge fan of the French Farmhouse and vintage decor. A style that usually is a little more void of color, the gray-weathered washes, the tone on tone and possibly a little color peeking through here and there, but i need a little more than that... Still want a little European flavor, but i am thinking a nice new fabric for panels will balance all the tan. 

Love the shutters, the stone, the chairs... but personally would have to add a pop of color...
What do you think?

 We will posts photos of new things we are finding at market, and
if you would like, send us a note of something you are looking for as well. You just never know what we will find at market. It’s an
exciting place, second only to antiquing or estate sales ! 
Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully , Home decor with a past.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year- New Ads

We are so excited about our very first Ad in the Spring 2012 issue of the Bedrooms & Bath publication produced by Romantic Homes, Cottages & Bungalows. 

If you love to see beautifully photographed rooms and well written articles then head on out to pick up your copy today. You will be inspired by creative women and the homes they live and work in. Prepare to be excited and get ready to tackle a new project in your home or office soon.

Here is a copy of the Front Cover for you to see. You will find our new ad for on page 95. Be sure to look for us there.

Enjoy this one, then look for a new ad in the March issue which will feature all things French Inspired !

We are storing up antiques at the moment, and have a buying trip planned to Market soon so we
will have more on the website very soon. Look for new garden items in the early Spring.
Feel free to leave a comment and ask us to find you that something special today. We love to shop for all things vintage, vintage inspired and antique items.
Aging your home gracefully, home decor with a past.

Diana & Aubrie
107Vintage. com