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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Serve up some glow- silver to shine this season...

Now it's time to bake a cake for this tray....

Silver trays, silver bowls, silver serving bowls... silver, silver, silver... We all love silver of any type. The beauty of older charmers compare to none other.

Just as the favorites are passed down for about the millionth time they take on an indescribable glow all their own. 

 You want to run your hand over it just to add your own special touch to it’s warmth...
 You want to lay it next to your Grandmothers lace tablecloth or fill it with freshly cut     hydrangeas, roses or other worthy bouquet of your choosing for the dinner table. 

Since there are only a few more holiday gatherings left to ring in the New Year, try    uncovering your favorite candlesticks and surprise the house guests with a beautiful breakfast by candlelight, use that special tray to offer the rest of the holiday candies and don't forget to spruce up the guest bath with a silver tray full of new hand soaps.

Enjoy a few of your favorite silver “belles” this season and pull out all the stops for your holiday gatherings. 

I placed my favorites in the window sill, now i can enjoy every day.
What silver can you let shine this season ??

Have a very blessed New Year-

Diana & Aubrie

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's time to slow down now...

 ReWind- Vintage Update
We are almost finished with  the process of updating our website so we can bring you a much better selection of Vintage decor, french country accessories, some one of a kind creations, and an overall easier, more beautiful website. Stay tuned... we will let you in on a few of the newest finds we will be adding. Here's a sneak peek... check out the website soon for more goodies. We think you will like what you find.

What a great accessory- hand painted, wooden horse.

"Grains" rug or wall-hanging. 
Mix it up with this great magazine holder- sleek and stylish.

Whew... Now I am taking a day to enjoy the fall- before it's gone...Around here we have to relish a few cool days when we can. Summers are hot ( craziness this past one... ).  A few days ago, we woke up to over an inch of snow, a mixture of sleet  and extremely cold for fall around here. Maybe this winter's gonna be a harder one than normal......
Recently I saw some old farmers around town stacking up the wood piles... it looked like they are gearing up for a bad winter-  not really, but it sounds good, huh ?
I  took a break, got a good steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee ( no, I didn’t just reheat it from this am, really ! ) and I wrapped up in a soft, sweet smelling blanket and sat on the back porch just listening to the country sounds until my darling came home. Very refreshing and mind clearing not to mention how much I enjoyed Fall in my own back pasture. And, certainly out my front door with a light layering of snow...  
Now the creative flow is returning... just smell that nice, crisp, cool fall air. Refreshing.
Doesn’t it make you want to go in and bake a pie? Or for you non-bakers, maybe call your friend and go over & watch her make a pie just so you can smell it....
Well, .... I guess you could just go buy a new candle but it’s more fun to bake and have the satisfaction of that wonderful aroma filling the house. ( Or your friend's house )

Thanks for joining us, enjoy the Fall before it's gone... it's almost Christmas...... Yikes.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Website Construction

To our Shoppers We Are Currently Under Complete Construction on our Store Website . We are Trying to have our Shop 107 Vintage up and running again within the next week in a half. 

Looking forward to sharing our new Products and new Web Design with all of you !