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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow ( Sleet ) Days

55' tree in downtown Fort Worth, Texas... 

We all wish for a Snow day , a time to take off and kick back... enjoy old movies, hot chocolate and getting caught up on the things we choose to ignore all through the year. . . . 

Really,  there is only so much you can do when a sleet, freezing rain topped off with little icy snow crystals, covers your land.  Covers the driveway, keeps the gate from opening, completely freezing shut the side gate, keep even UPS from delivering...

Our Buddy-  He wouldnt go in the garage, so we did the next best- three blankets
and he stayed nice & warm all night !  He loves the weather..

We have enjoyed sleeping late, watching plenty of T.V. and movies, creeping out to feed the birds since the birdfeeder is 2” deep in sleet, cleaning an extraordinary amount... whipping up new recipes, making homemade chili, covering Buddy up with blankets ( yes, on the front porch... ) wrapping more Christmas gifts, and checking on friends & family .

A fountain coke,  breakfast at our beloved Chik Fila,  a bacon biscuit from Whataburger, Mexican food at our local favorite haunt , a chai tea latte at Starbucks 
or even picking up the mail.... even making it out to the box would be nice : )

This was such fun, and amazing to eat ! 

So, this morning we decided to create some fun and have a gourmet brunch
of our own. I had recently gotten some french sourdough bread and a new little indoor
grill.  Add some freshly cooked bacon ( can you smell it ? )  cheddar, havarti , fresh
tomatoes, butter ( yes, real butter ).  Grill for about three minutes  , add fresh coffee
serve it on your best china and enjoy. 

 We dreamed for a minute we had made it to Corner Bakery...
 our favorite one in downtown Fort Worth.. That would be fun then
we could see the HUGE tree that is all decked out for Christmas.. See Above- 
Oh, well . . . Soon.

Snow Birds.. enjoying a treat of seeds

We savored a great grilled sandwhich ( dubbed Grillnini per Aubrie ) and are trying
to enjoy being cooped up for the third day..

Enjoy your Sunday.  We are, even though we would both love a coke : )

Till next time-

107Vintage ( for now ) 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Change is Good

We all need change. The vast majority of us dread change ( if we are over , say about 42 give or take a couple of years )  While there is something truly exciting about some changes, others make us D-R-A-G our feet.  Are you having
visions of leaving your child for the first time at Mother’s Day out.. or maybe the yearly trip to the dentist ?

I have been through many changes this year- most of them I really didn’t even
think I would have even had in my life, and certainly didn’t welcome, but now I think
 this is one change I am actually  beginning to like the idea of.

My Father always said “ Find a niche and Fill It “.  I have slowly run it through my
mind over and over again ( like  that great CD  ) and began to see a pattern emerging. 
The lack of home decor easily accessible near me and a growing need with most of all
 the Interior Designers in the immediate area made me see the need and begin to  put a 
plan into action. . . 

Wishing to fill that need is what lead me to the idea- I have decided to clear out
my Vintage site- sell out all the product I have and RE-CREATE my entire line
of product. We will keep current home accessories, mix it up with new twist on
Traditional, throw in a little fresh modern and without doubt have a special
place for those unique vintage pieces that give a nod to our past.

There may even be a time to have those old fashioned “Barn” or “Tag” sales
a couple of times a year - that would actually be FUN I think.

Here is a little preview of a couple of items we are considering for the new
line -  Tell us what you think- give us some ideas of how you like to decorate
your home.   What do you have trouble finding for your home ? We would
love your imput .

Beautiful, elegant & a Bestseller. . . 
 I personally want this-  love the color !
Classic, & holiday worthy. . . . . 
Can you just see this on a holiday table set with your best dishes ?
Transitional but 
. . polished around the edges and sexy for certain.

Just like some Custom ART from a local friend of mine.. I think she is uber talented
and you all would love her work... I may just ask her to join in the fun soon...

Gorgeous- what can we say ?
               This just needs some floating orchids, roses or candy to make it perfect.

Turquoise floral love . . .

We will also be changing up the Blog-  It will be sporting a completely new look
& of course a name change !   Will give details soon.

Till next time-

107Vintage ( for now )   

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inspirations at RoundTop

A favorite display at Leftovers near RoundTop Antiques Faire in Brenham, Texas

I know, I know.. I’m a little s-l-o-w in getting back to you , We have had company- Large and Small- the smaller of which made for some crazy sleeping.. I felt much like the Jack-In-the-Box Nana for several nights  : )
We have been enjoying the company of family,  deer in the yard every day,  & cooling days as of late. Every sign is pointing straight to my favorite season. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte at our friendly coffee house lately and of course- RoundTop Antiques Faire ( that just officially ended recently ) were the real  signals around this house that Fall had indeed decided to make it’s appearance. 

We braved several hours of travel, found a little hotel that allowed us to take little furry friends along and even fought the rain a little. Overall it was a nice break from routine. Like a energy bar of creativity for the brain....

Beautiful old bottles, large & small caught our eye..
A stop during the rain at Leftovers provided some beautiful displays to savor..
Yes, after hours of walking a much needed soak with Lavender Epsom did the trick !
Exceptional Corbels. . .  Beautiful, right ?
Here is a little sample of the fun. Although we were hoping for some exciting new things and were a little disappointed in that, there were some beautiful displays and creative people everywhere !

Very Fun Vintage "No glair" glasses in display case.
A colorful display at the New Junk Gypsy..
Well.... we just need to Top it off !
A very clever use of floral plates at the New Junk Gypsy

We gained some reflective time- made a decision to change our website
to New Home Decor/ Accessories, and reserve a section dedicated entirely
to the Vintage Decor that we love so much.  Still contemplating a new name
for the Store and all the little details but it's in the works for now.

Till next time- Enjoy this lovely season. Back soon with new plans &
ideas for a new name.


107 Vintage
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Vintage Frye Boots


I’m feeling exhilirated !   The desperate hot ( it’s never going to cool off has feeling) has finally come to a semi-halt here in the DFW metroplex with the cooling breezes and rain that came in late yesterday afternoon.. Temps have dropped and hearts are skipping a beat... . Fall....Fall...Fall..

I promised myself I would sit on the porch this am- SAVOR the moments that
remind me of my favorite season- you guessed it,  yes Ma’am - FALL..
At this moment I am still in my jammies, sipping a warm vanilla caramel coffee
and listening to he rain as it warms my heart.

Is anyone else excited ?  I thought so. . . .  And, a trip to Roundtop soon will just fill my heart to the brim !  Yeepie.. a longing for new inspiration has been tugging at me. So I dove right in, made a reservation and asked Aubrie to join me & Anyone who has gone knows I didn’t have to even twist her hair. .  little alone her arm.

With the return of pumpkins at local specialty stores this week in Fort Worth and spiced latte at coffee shops across America, I think we can all relax and get our boots out now !!    Happy Fall.. 

I promise to snap some wonderful moments at Roundtop Antiques Faire and
SHARE soon.

Till next time-


Cashmere Interiors -
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

A little Dusty

I feel a little dry & dusty. If truth be told.. maybe a little like this.
 Maybe kin to that huge rolling tumbleweed we all have seen
in our favorite Western...

 It's been a little over 7 months since I lost My Darling
and I am still trying to find my "new normal".  This past holiday was a little harder
than some others have been- a slower restful day watching a marathon all day,
but to be honest I just thought all day about how nice it would have been if
he was here.  He should have been asking for munchies all day :) Asking if I
could possibly make brownies, and do we have Bluebell- Vanilla ?
He should have been grumbling about getting back to work the next day . . .
 He should have been holding me close as the day ended.

 When you lose someone close to you- someone you had hopes and dreams with,
it simply drains the life out of you as well. Nothing holds the joy as it did before.
Life goes on- and slowly but surely you start to dream again. . . He would want
that for me .  I feel the need for permission. I'm on my own, so I am going to make
an executive decision and tell myself  YES.
As my old happy self slowly emerges, thoughts of working again dance thru my
head. I realize that maybe it's time to imerse my self. Well, OK- maybe just wade my
feet.  Maybe even start blogging again.

I have missed putting down my thoughts... & missed your comments. Now to the question
of the hour- What is it that you would like to see ?  Or talk about ?
What have I missed in the last 7 + months ?
Slowly, but surely I am beginning to work again- even thinking about revamping
my website some and adding some newer, more "designer " products in with the True
 Vintage and Vintage style  product we now carry.
Lots of wonderful new fabrics, furniture & accessories at Dallas Market this
week.. maybe I will head over tomorrow and see for myself.

And, maybe just maybe you would like to see some of those products and come
up with a new vignette somewhere in your home.

Till next time-



Cashmere Interiors -
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P.S. Aubrie has decided to return to college for a 2nd degree- she is a very
        busy girl.. &  I am missing her.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Darling , My Love

Sadly and a little earlier than we expected , I lost My Darling. I loved him with all my heart. Every part of it.
He was the love of my life .  My Darling , My Sweetheart and I will miss him for the rest of my life . . . . 

A few weeks ago as we enjoyed an evening together, the realization hit me hard- we were slowly losing ground and as we struggled to think of the future, I made a conscious decision to try and be truly thankful in the midst of it all.

Thankful for all the moments we had enjoyed over the last several years together. Moments that will stay in my heart and mind forever. 

The following is what I wrote that night- not knowing that I would have to learn to live without My Darling this soon. I hope as you read it, you will think about the many, many ways to show your sweetheart just how much you
love him today. And not waste one minute . . . . 

December 9, 2012

Tonight Dear Jesus, as I listen to the wind howl and My Darling laying here 
next to me, I am reminded that as much as I love him  
( With all my heart )

that YOU love us MORE.

What an awesome thought as I listen to him breath, sleeping peacefully-
that YOU are watching, and LISTENING just as intently as I am .

 As I struggle to make wonderful memories with him, laughing, watching him 
want to have strength again, wanting to do the things he did before, wanting so 
much to be involved with projects. . . YOU have promised a new life for him.

I will trust YOU Lord. 

 I will love YOU Lord.

And, I will see My Darling again. 

At that time, I will also see the ONE who makes it possible to have hope, continue 
to trust, love completely, forgive freely, and give to us the very breath of LIFE 

Thank you Lord for this time with him. Thank you Lord that you gave me the 
opportunity to know him, to love him with my entire heart, and to know in return

the depth of his love for me.

For it is only through your love, that we may love completely.

I will take a little more time off , rest up and learn to have a very different 

Till next time-



Saturday, January 26, 2013

It’s Cloudy here..

The Sun is shining, the birds are singing happily, the dog & barn cats are awaiting their breakfast, but My Darling and I are lounging. We are just enjoying one more day together.

 One more morning to talk quietly.

One more morning to make plans and dream as we drive through the beautiful country in our little red jeep. One more day to hold hands together in church.

One more day to just enjoy the beauty of God’s plan ,  when he places two souls together in sweet harmony.

Even though the birds are singing and the sun is shining brightly , the news we received this past Wednesday has put a grey cloud over us. 

No one else can see the cloud- but it is there. We can feel it-
sense it there somehow, draining us of our JOY.

There will be days like this.

Days we do not like . . . (  Maybe even hate )

Days we wish had not come.

But one thing I do know is that we are not alone.  We have someone Great 
and Wonderful to cling to. Someone that is always available- and He is Holding our Hand at this very moment.

It’s Cloudy Here. 

Keep us in your prayers. I know the Sun is shining- just not
in my heart today.

Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie

Aging the home gracefully, home decor with a past. - Our Interior Design company

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Neked Bath- Covered

Ok- back to the NEKED ( naked )  bathroom-

Bare would be an understatement !  Im also thinking that BORING would 
have been a good fit.

This is where the story ended last time.

So, like any good decorator I went on a “seek & find “ mission, borrowing

from several areas of my house to put together a new look. More interesting . . . . 
and definitely cost effective !

The one thing I purchased that I had seen at Market this past trip was a striking botanical -    ( which I happen to l-o-v-e ) that was under $ 20.00. It was a jumping
off point for me. After stealing - Umm.... I mean borrowing all over my house, I worked on and off while My Darling was napping to come up with a guest bath that made me proud !

This is the print I loved and yes, this is a turtle shell my Dad
cleaned up for me years ago.. love it too !
And of course - Vintage Linens

Little snippets of personality.. a shell frame, pretty plant , family photos

A grouping created with Remnants from a Vintage Show.. and dried flowers from Thanksgiving. ( Yep )

Vintage Frames - Layered

A glass bottle with dried botanicals , a silver tray with hand towel and a little decorated spool of thread . Just a little
more personality. . . 

Before I go- please continue to pray for us as we go yet again back to Houston for Scans & New testing to see if the new Chemo treatments have been effective. We need some good days ! 
And some more sweet time together. . . 

Till next time-  

Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, home decor with a past.     - Our Design Company

Hop on over to some of our favorite sites.. You will be inspired to DO 
SOMETHING-  I promise.. Organize , Create , Paint , Teach your children... Cook- They are talented !

( Saw these sisters at Market this week - Fun )