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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooky Greetings...

Don't you just love Vintage Halloween postcards ?

It’s always a thrill to see the little ones, dressed up and ready to head out to a thrilling evening of frights, thrills and lets not forget the piles & piles of candies that we all have to hide until.. almost Christmas, right ?

This is about as scary as I like. . . 

Bags will be overflowing with treats...  Scary stories will be told & retold at lunch with friends the next day.

My very favorite scene related to Halloween is from a wonderful  movie starring Judy Garland. 
It is “Meet Me in St. Louis “.  
When the smallest member of the family Tutti is hurt during the neighborhood festivities,  her sister, Ester ( July Garland ) is led to believe it was at the hand of the boy next door.  The fur flies , fists fly and the neighbor boy receives all her fury. (  Boy, and how.. )
Tutti, of course is stretching the truth greatly ! 
As the entire family is retelling stories of the evening and eating cake, they discover that Tutti is just that - ( A TOOT ) and now Ester has to eat just slightly more than cake -   
Can we say crow..?  

Graphics Fairy 

  An apology is definitely in order to her new neighbor ! !

Such a cute movie- if you haven’t seen it, take a minute with your sweetie or grandkids and enjoy. Good anytime, but some great Halloween scenes 

and great family fun.

Now, for my own personal treat- I need to finish my church pew and wish myself a Happy “BOO” day.  Now for that cake. . . 

Have fun out there with your little ones. And, watch out for those Spooks ,
Ghost & Goblins :)

Isn't she scary ?

What a doll !

Till next time-     gotta run out and get some candy.. 

Diana &Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past. 

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I have the blues.. and periwinkles

Thunder rolls across the sky, the lightening past now.  I heard the Splat on the roof and enjoyed the sounds of a Fall Storm rolling in.

A harder pitter patter now. Falling on the roof, washing away the hot Summer and filling my heart with joy. A refreshing sound, have you ever stopped to wonder why ?

It’s amazing how a simple sound can wash your mind as well.. a cleansing of sorts.

Well... my lovely thoughts are now interrupted by thuds of hail.. goodness. We really need the rain , but hail ?  Really ?

We do need the Rain, so I will enjoy it, hail and all.  Hopefully it is bringing a true  Fall to our part of the country.  We have endured a long, hot Summer-  So, bring it on. 
Beautiful dark blue gray evenings... clear, blue skies in the mornings,
blue-purple flowers growing in the fields... I love those colors ! 

Now, I feel like it is really time to buckle down and start on some of those projects I have put off, probably like for the fourth, or fifth, or sixth time now.

Painting, more painting,  Christmas crafts.  My office, painting my Vintage church pew in the kitchen. 

The list is endless, so I will listen intently to the storm and relax- preparing mentally to tackle the long, long list and enjoy the Fall. 
 Really enjoy the Fall. 
My favorite season of the entire year. 

Sure sounds wonderful !  I feel the smile on my face spreading to my heart . . . . . . 

Here is a sneak peek at some of the colors in my kitchen and what I am considering.. Next time the church pew will have more color. Still contemplating just exactly what shade to wash it. 

Hydrangeas in a galvanized tin grace the floor.

A lovely quilt picked up while on our Honeymoon..

Some pretty blues,
lavenders, periwinkle
collectibles in our

We need to make a decision.. I am leaning towards a "muddy" lavender... 

Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie
Aging the home gracefully, home decor with a past.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

It had me at a glance...

You know sometimes a purchase is well planned, thought out, saved for..
and then occasionally it hits you like a ton of bricks, and you think- Oh my , that's going home with me !

Well this was one of the unplanned, spur of the moment, follow your heart purchases. I was perusing one of the little antique shops in a nearby town, on the way back to the office and had not been in the store for oh- probably more than two minutes when I spied this.. or as my Grandson says- I spied with my little eyes :)

I know - it needs to feel the love. 
It needs some tender care. BUT, what details !! I was immediately drawn to the colors in the chair- I just knew it would feel at home in my living area off the kitchen.

It will require some planning on my part to get the things I need-  1. leather cleaner/ repair... 2. A very fine sandpaper... 3. A piece of wood so My Darling can make a new seat where the other one simply gave out...4. A wonderful old Vintage fabric to save and repurpose.
Then it will be good as new- OR BETTER. Don't you think ?

Maybe a decorative initial here ? 

The colors match my decor perfect ! 

Check out those Nail head- should be fun...

Stick around- I’m planning, preparing and otherwise going to finish this soon- we are hosting Thanksgiving here this year.  That should keep me focused. Well.. hopefully.

If you have any great suggestions for this project- let us hear from 
you. I am open to ideas - I want it to feel the love & be enjoyed by all.

Till next time-  Enjoy the lovely FALL.  We are.

Diana & Aubrie

Aging the home gracefully, home decor with a past..

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