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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Architectural Gems

Sorry- couldn't post about new home we completed- Still need to get the photos.. soon, I promise ! But hoping you enjoy this-

In our travels from time to time we take a different path and 
come across some lovely sights. Structures from the past ,
pieces of history- ones that you hope will remain. Hope that someone is diligent enough to restore or maintain so that our children’s children will possibly take that same path and have the good fortune to enjoy the same.
I enjoy older architecture - the allure of the curves, the reliefs , stained glass or the darkened places in the stone. All the ravages of time that befall a structure seem to enhance it’s beauty to me. This one was beautiful ! ( See our pinterest )

We came across just such an old church near Waco, Texas
 on a country road that just begged us to take a photo 
to remember it by. The cows just across in the meadow offered a wonderful view as well. It made for quite a peaceful scene.  A nice place to reflect and realize there is more to a ride home than just sitting on the freeway. ( NOT )  especially when it’s about a 6-7 hour ride...

So, next time you travel, take a little different road . Enjoy the view- look around and take note of the things you would have missed.
Not just from point A to point B. . . It’s a lot more fun and you just might see a Vintage Beauty.

Where do you want to travel this FALL ??   Let us know what some of your favorite places to visit are.

To see more of our Fall- see our Pinterest page here..

We are ready to head out on an adventure and discover some new gems. . . .

Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, home decor with a past.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Shopping the Town...

Not that I am a big shopper, but I was ( last minute ) looking for candles to finish up a clients home project and wandered into a World Market about an hour from my home. In two words- unique & affordable... 

I was very impressed at their keeping up with the latest 
“ Vintage” style trends. IN fact,  I was so inspired, that I whipped out my phone and began snapping away to show YOU. 

Beautiful accessories in several categories - here’s just a little sample of  one of their smaller industrial items -

A darling "mini" 
french drying rack.
Great for coffee 
cups in a smaller
How cute is that ?
And, very affordable !

How about for your
daughter's first Apt ?

                  Such cute soaps and hand
              lotions !  Great gift ideas.

 And see below- a beautiful 
 selection of colorful towels
that I don't think you will see
over & over again... Know what
I mean ?   

Bright & Colorful-  and such
Unique color combinations. Not the normal towels we usually see everywhere...

 Citron, teal & navy blue.

Very stylish and very well priced baskets ( linen look )
 for any STORAGE issue- 
here are a couple below that were especially wonderful...

Seriously cute baskets to hold almost anything !!

And of course it got me thinking about homemade and those unusual Christmas gifts..
( I know it’s early ) When you are a busy Mom and Nana like myself, well it just 
pays to think ahead and scheme :)  - even if it’s just a little. 

Now a Nana to 5 kiddies, so I am putting on my thinking cap !

Paint your own Tea set- Simply Darling !

Maybe you need to just head over and see all the
goodies for yourself ! 

Till next week when we REVEAL the new family room we just completed-  Several shades of  Charcoal, creams & kelly green )

Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Transform with Glaze

Well... the best laid plans of men & mice. Not the post I had planned, but whats a girl to do when photos have disappeared ?
I was thinking about a conversation I had with a client and decided to share this with you- Don’t ever be afraid to change the color of an accessory with a little paint !

I had a job to complete and when I went to order the hardware, it was going to be way longer than I anticipated - Ever happen to You ?  Of course it does, so I just took my own advice and grabbed a few paints / glazes and about 15 minutes later we had the perfect hardware. 
Now to let you see how very simple it is.. just don’t be afraid to experiment with a few good paints. Practice, Practice, Practice... you will get the hang of it !

The right style, just too dark.
Using copper brown, metallic copper &  golds.

See what a little glaze will do ?  Perfect now. . . 
We used these to hang her drapery panels individually,  instead of a long rod - just a little different , but very effective. Don't you think ?

Step one:  Use paper or drop cloth to lay out your hardware or other items to paint. 

Step two:  Mix the color you desire with a small amount of metallic or other  “top-coat” in very small amount until you  reach the color you think you want. Start with the “base” coat in the color you want- just a little darker because the “glaze” or top coat will lighten or highlight it , making it appear lighter.

Step three:   Using a small brush, dip it in paint, then dry brush- ( wiping most of it off ) on a paper towel or the brown paper , then brush across the hardware or 
                    other surface you want to paint. Repeat , making thin coats “brushing” both ways- vertically and horizontally until you have the color you want.

Step four: Let dry for a few minutes and spray lightly with a sealant to protect.

** Don’t be afraid to add a second color- example if you have already used a copper with highlights of  gold or pewter, then try adding a bit of a darker brown or plum to it to give it another look. Practice on  the paper or a paper plate, combining colors
 until you like the way it
 looks. Then dry brush away. Best to have a couple of lighter coats than one heavy one. 

** My favorite is the brown paper, wiping it off to do the "dry-brush" technique, because you can re-use it from the paint you just took off.. saves paint ! We love to recycle. . .

** Don't worry if you don't have a brush- I have used a damp paper towel.  It works just fine. Just a little harder to do the technique. Dab a little easier and lighter.   

 And if you don't like it , wipe it off quickly with a damp rag. 

Try looking at those candlesticks, small box or frames a little differently 
now... what color would they look good in this fall ? 

Till next time-

Happy painting ! We will have a brand new job completed this next week 
to show you & will be adding some FALL  to the website.

Diana & Aubrie

Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Country Memories too... Hardwood floors

 Via innovativehardwoodfloors

Thinking back to Grandmother's wood floors... pinterest

The excessive heat has been most unpleasant around here , so I am trying to think happy thoughts about the heat which leads me back to memories of my Grandparents farm . 

Visiting them in the Summertime with cousins was great fun, with the memorable exception of one hot sunny morning...

Grandmother was busily washing and waxing her wood floors when we decided to go out and play. Unfortunately with watering the garden ( which was a favorite place to play) our shoes wore a couple of inches of mud when hot & tired , we decided to trudge back to the house for a snack

She had taken the time to warn us to take our shoes off, but with the excitement of the morning’s play, neither my cousin or I remembered.  Wow. . . You needn’t even wonder what happened.. Yep, that’s right- the one and only swatting she ever had to give us.

Remembering it now with a smile. . .  it makes this hot Summer day just a little more pleasant. 

So, heres a few beautiful floors that will help you remember to take those 
shoes OFF , covered with mud or not  :)   

Not your Grandmother's floors... via pinterest
Make the entry special... via a favorite blogsite of mine.
Herringbone pattern via

A couple of tips for hardwood floors-

  1. Always take your high heels off and save dents & dings..
  2. Remember to vacuum first to remove small rocks and dirt that will scratch, then mop as directed.
  3. If you get unwanted items on the floor such as crayons, stickers or gum , use 
    goo-gone ( available at hardware stores) to make clean up easier.

Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie

Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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