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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Change is Good

We all need change. The vast majority of us dread change ( if we are over , say about 42 give or take a couple of years )  While there is something truly exciting about some changes, others make us D-R-A-G our feet.  Are you having
visions of leaving your child for the first time at Mother’s Day out.. or maybe the yearly trip to the dentist ?

I have been through many changes this year- most of them I really didn’t even
think I would have even had in my life, and certainly didn’t welcome, but now I think
 this is one change I am actually  beginning to like the idea of.

My Father always said “ Find a niche and Fill It “.  I have slowly run it through my
mind over and over again ( like  that great CD  ) and began to see a pattern emerging. 
The lack of home decor easily accessible near me and a growing need with most of all
 the Interior Designers in the immediate area made me see the need and begin to  put a 
plan into action. . . 

Wishing to fill that need is what lead me to the idea- I have decided to clear out
my Vintage site- sell out all the product I have and RE-CREATE my entire line
of product. We will keep current home accessories, mix it up with new twist on
Traditional, throw in a little fresh modern and without doubt have a special
place for those unique vintage pieces that give a nod to our past.

There may even be a time to have those old fashioned “Barn” or “Tag” sales
a couple of times a year - that would actually be FUN I think.

Here is a little preview of a couple of items we are considering for the new
line -  Tell us what you think- give us some ideas of how you like to decorate
your home.   What do you have trouble finding for your home ? We would
love your imput .

Beautiful, elegant & a Bestseller. . . 
 I personally want this-  love the color !
Classic, & holiday worthy. . . . . 
Can you just see this on a holiday table set with your best dishes ?
Transitional but 
. . polished around the edges and sexy for certain.

Just like some Custom ART from a local friend of mine.. I think she is uber talented
and you all would love her work... I may just ask her to join in the fun soon...

Gorgeous- what can we say ?
               This just needs some floating orchids, roses or candy to make it perfect.

Turquoise floral love . . .

We will also be changing up the Blog-  It will be sporting a completely new look
& of course a name change !   Will give details soon.

Till next time-

107Vintage ( for now )