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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

vintage treats and talent on display

We have just been sorting thru all the vintage goodies and enjoying some photos of
our  most recent trip to Hico, Texas. Met some wonderful, talented people during our
 time there.
 Mike and Brenda James of HomeStead were wonderful hosts. A great friday
night buffet was enjoyed by all !
 We will let you know when the dates are set for our next shows.

Our first show at Hico... loved the small venue and weather !
Autumn Splendor- thanks to Denis from Ruby Grace

Shades of purple are in style now.... 
Now which key is it ? 

A tool bag for ladies ! Thanks to Ella Elaine....
Wonderful signs to remind us of the upcoming season....

 Willow Nest- such sweet displays...

 Purple Goat... what a baby doll !

107 Vintage

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  1. So many great ideas from these photos. Can't wait to see my husbands face when I tell him not to throw out his old tool pouches!