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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Decorations down... Finding new decor

Have you ever noticed how empty your house feels after all the holiday decorations are packed up and put away ?  I usually end up spending some time walking around the house, thinking that it looks almost bare. Or in some areas, very bare. 
So, i came up with a few new ideas to look for on our trip to
Market this next week. We will be there working on finding new products for our website, and working on a new living room re-design for a wonderful client.
I think while we are at market, ( an exhilarating place) I will find a new french farmhouse look for my kitchen.... and definitely a colorful new fabric to make draperies for the family room. I have been putting it off but it’s time. When i remarried this past year, my husband and i wanted a house in the country, and had been looking for over a year and finally landed out on 6 acres with a good sturdy house. It had good “bones” and even better, a RED BARN.

Not mine... I wish !!! What a great barn.

All the major services were in good working order, so only cosmetics were left to be done. Now after adding all the major things, like new carpeting, hardwood, new texture, paint, etc. it is time for more personal things- Vintage lace, accessories, silver, new “old” things to add our own personal touch. 
I am a huge fan of the French Farmhouse and vintage decor. A style that usually is a little more void of color, the gray-weathered washes, the tone on tone and possibly a little color peeking through here and there, but i need a little more than that... Still want a little European flavor, but i am thinking a nice new fabric for panels will balance all the tan. 

Love the shutters, the stone, the chairs... but personally would have to add a pop of color...
What do you think?

 We will posts photos of new things we are finding at market, and
if you would like, send us a note of something you are looking for as well. You just never know what we will find at market. It’s an
exciting place, second only to antiquing or estate sales ! 
Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully , Home decor with a past.

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  1. I like pop's of color but I'm usually not brave enough to use them. Soooooo.... I would probably leave the room as it is, but if you came over and added the pop, I'd probably love that too!