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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow ( Sleet ) Days

55' tree in downtown Fort Worth, Texas... 

We all wish for a Snow day , a time to take off and kick back... enjoy old movies, hot chocolate and getting caught up on the things we choose to ignore all through the year. . . . 

Really,  there is only so much you can do when a sleet, freezing rain topped off with little icy snow crystals, covers your land.  Covers the driveway, keeps the gate from opening, completely freezing shut the side gate, keep even UPS from delivering...

Our Buddy-  He wouldnt go in the garage, so we did the next best- three blankets
and he stayed nice & warm all night !  He loves the weather..

We have enjoyed sleeping late, watching plenty of T.V. and movies, creeping out to feed the birds since the birdfeeder is 2” deep in sleet, cleaning an extraordinary amount... whipping up new recipes, making homemade chili, covering Buddy up with blankets ( yes, on the front porch... ) wrapping more Christmas gifts, and checking on friends & family .

A fountain coke,  breakfast at our beloved Chik Fila,  a bacon biscuit from Whataburger, Mexican food at our local favorite haunt , a chai tea latte at Starbucks 
or even picking up the mail.... even making it out to the box would be nice : )

This was such fun, and amazing to eat ! 

So, this morning we decided to create some fun and have a gourmet brunch
of our own. I had recently gotten some french sourdough bread and a new little indoor
grill.  Add some freshly cooked bacon ( can you smell it ? )  cheddar, havarti , fresh
tomatoes, butter ( yes, real butter ).  Grill for about three minutes  , add fresh coffee
serve it on your best china and enjoy. 

 We dreamed for a minute we had made it to Corner Bakery...
 our favorite one in downtown Fort Worth.. That would be fun then
we could see the HUGE tree that is all decked out for Christmas.. See Above- 
Oh, well . . . Soon.

Snow Birds.. enjoying a treat of seeds

We savored a great grilled sandwhich ( dubbed Grillnini per Aubrie ) and are trying
to enjoy being cooped up for the third day..

Enjoy your Sunday.  We are, even though we would both love a coke : )

Till next time-

107Vintage ( for now )