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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Helping Hands

Ever have one of those weeks when one thing has taken all your time and energy, and all the little details that seem to crop up just remain in the background as so completely trivial ?
We are experiencing that exact scenario for the past couple of weeks.... 
My Darling is undergoing some pretty major testing, and we are holding our breath, living day by day in God’s amazing grace- waiting to find out the results.
I know each and every one of you have had someone dear in their lives that at one time or another that had a situation & you just really didn’t know what to say. Let us reinforce the value of couple of old fashioned principles. 1. To just be there for them- maybe just for them to “vent” to you 2. Listen as they just pour their heart out or  3. Possibly just sit and hold their hand.....

This couple were married for 72 years..... Oh, SWEET !

We never know how the really simple things in life, the ones that are completely free, will bring the greatest rewards. True, they take our precious time, but when you can fuse into their day a joy that was not there before it is worth every second.
All of our family have gone out of their way to make sure we have all the bases covered, from mowing the yard, to feeding our hairy friends, to bringing food, making arrangements for every little thing- we could not ask for better friends or family.

Aubrie is holding down the fort at 107 Vintage.   She is dong an amazing job-and getting back with everyone as promptly as possible.  Shipping out merchandise, answering email, etc.  as well as working on design jobs we had in progress....even going out to clean our office when I was gone last week.
 I came back to a beautifully cleaned, and much more orderly office... ( we were about to completely revamp our offices and it looked like a hurricane went through at a very high rate of speed ).  I just walked in, looked around and promptly
began to cry !
Heart felt thanks go out to all of you wonderful people who are making this a little easier to bear. We love you all.
Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, home decor with a past.



  1. Love you ! I miss you so much ! Hope yall are settling in well there and getting enough rest. I really am trying to hold down everything !!!!
    Keep me updated on any and every result !

    Miss you & Love you Tons
    xoxoxoxoxo sweetart

  2. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. xo

  3. praying for God's peace in your home!!

    thanks for linking
    please place a visable link back

    1. Thank you so much ! This is a different road, and a little diversion, reading
      and keeping up with everyone else sure helps....


  4. Doesn't it make you wonder how people get through things without friends and family to help? Blessed are those who have that support.


    1. Even more than family & friends is having a strong relationship with our
      heavenly Father ! Peace, sweet peace is how we are making it at this time.
      thanks for the comments..

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