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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A "Pop" of Spring

Are we ready for Spring ?

This one caught ALL my attention , It's nearly perfect 

   Been actually a little boring here. Only cool enough to enjoy about five fires so far. We love to curl up with a good fire and listen to it pop...
 But I guess since it’s most likely missed us I should start thinking of a little pop of  Spring ! I need a project that is small for me at this point....
Having lunch with my parents, girls and my Darling today, my Dad mentioned he had already planted his garden. When he grinned wryly I asked what he had planted ?  His reply-  two tomato plants & two pepper plants.
He was just not ready to jump right into a huge garden this year, and opted for smaller ones that could easily be maintained without a $200 dollar a month water bill like this past Summer.  ( I am thinking he exaggerated a bit..)
So, it got me to thinking about some small, but pretty containers that I could plant a few Spring flowers in to make me smile as I walk by. Maybe similar to these.

I  have some cool metal feeding troughs... hmmm...

This is gorgeous, and fairly easy...just a few containers.

What kind of creative ideas could you share ? 
And speaking of ideas- Anyone have some great places to antique on the way to treatments in Houston ?  A little stop here and there to snag something vintage, a little this or that always pleases the Mr. and I. 

If you can, share some of your favorite stops in and around the Houston area. We will be heading that way quite a lot and are always looking for fun places, out of the way shops that make the drive more fun !

Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.



  1. I am so excited about Spring Flowers & Spring Fashions - although I will miss all of my Thick Winter Sweaters I love so much! I think a Spring Project is just what you need! Something small and fun :) We need to start planting away! I might even get a few things planted on my balcony this year ! I need some pretty florals to liven it up!

    1. I'm still holding out hope for a little White stuff before Spring pops out
      everywhere... But, bright cheery colors will be fun for a change !


  2. Hi Diana, those photos are amazing. That bench in the second photo has my name written all over it. Spring just brings the promise of new life and optimism. I could play outside in the flowers and plants all day. We're having warmer weather, but still a lot of wind and chill in the air. My daffodils and hyacinths are up and blooming, yay!

    1. That sounds so nice... hyacinths smell wonderful ! And yes, Spring brings
      the promise of new life... and a little later in June a new grand baby- a Boy
      due in June. God has lots of great things in store for us and I for one am
      gonna look, pay attention & see everyone of them.