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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mans Best Friend

Who, even if your not a dog lover isn’t drawn to old vintage 
drawings of those sweet little furry creatures ? Someone’s beloved pet-
years and years have gone by, but they are not forgotten.
I have always loved terriers although I had the privilege of owning only one. Funny how pets steal your heart ! ( we have a “drop-off” who has stolen my heart now...) 
I was looking through old vintage photos, drawings and loved the idea of having a place where I could put out my collection of glass & ceramic dogs. Maybe mix
in a few old drawings also... maybe an old camera too ?

My Ian- Pean-Pie ( named by the girls )

Aren’t they darling?
 Tired from digging up the freshly planted garden....or tearing up the paper towel roll?

This one reminds me of Asta on the “Thin Man” series with William Powell & Myrna Loy.  Must See old movies... charming !!

The scruffier, the better....

Too cute for words...

Im thinking about the Country Living Outdoor
Fair in Austin this weekend... Im betting I could find some wonderful old drawings to add in my collection. Probably some other goodies along the way.... Are you planning on going?  Let us see some of your favorite finds and vendors. What collection do you need to add to ? We love vintage collections..
What are some of your favorites?  We would love to see your favorites.


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  1. I love dog prints. I want to do a bathroom in black and white and dog prints.

    1. Can't believe I posted this one without a photo of my collection of glass/ceramic ones.. they are adorable.
      Guess I will add to them, then post again:)