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Monday, November 5, 2012


I have several favorite blogs that I check in on almost daily- 
one is  Nesting Place.  As I was enjoying her blog several days ago, 
 I began to think about what it actually requires ( at least for me )  to use less, to be content
 and enjoy our life a little more.

Using Less , and having less to keep up with , requires the ability to
say NO.  Sounds Simple.  Right ? 

Sure-  but what else  ?  

It takes a certain amount of resolve to be contented with what we
 have, to acknowledge that we have enough, & possibly to step
 away from the S-A-L-E  table :)   Or in my case. . . Vintage shops .

I think it also, and most importantly , requires a large dose
of  Courage.

It is wonderfully freeing  to muster up all the Courage we have
and say a flat NO to a growing list of “ things” we think we really need
to do, when we really just need to stay at home and enjoy our life.

A life that we have worked so hard to create. To visit friends, actually write
a letter. . . Remember those ?  Bake a cake.  Sit out on our porch and enjoy
the Fall.

It takes a huge amount of  Courage to tell our children that the one activity they participate in ,  is enough.  Ever feel like you live in the car ?
I thought so. . . 

It takes an endless supply of  Courage  to be ourselves, enjoy what we have
and acknowledge that is ok to say NO to “ things” that yes , would bring enjoyment , but know the absence of will not be missed.

We stepped away from our  busy life- we even rescheduled a Chemo this last week , just to be able to recharge our batteries... unwind our clocks and gather the Courage to face daily life, with JOY when we get back home.

We took an opportunity to take a quick Get-a-way up into the beautiful state of
Tennessee for a few days ,  see the turning leaves and brilliant Autumn rolling 
in to greet us. 

Now , what do you need to gather up your Courage for this week ?  What 
do you need to bow out of gracefully ?  Or maybe just a- " Thank you " for the opportunity , 
and a flat, but nicely said NO.

                                                                      We will post again real soon with some photos and Not to Miss things to
                                                                      see near the Nashville, TN area. We did have a lovely time.. and are 
                                                                     somewhat recharged and unwound. 

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Till next time-               

Diana & Aubrie
Aging the home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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