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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tennessee Tidbits

Having just returned from the beautiful state of  Tennessee , we have a few 
pictures and list of some fun things to do and see while in the area.

We stayed in little cabins in the Henry Horton State Park . Beautiful walking
areas, a lovely little river- The Duck River to enjoy and close to the lovely little areas of Franklin and Chapel Hill and Pottsville, TN.

Very picturesque !

One of the highlights of our trip was getting to eat at Marcy Jo’s MealHouse
for breakfast. Getting to meet not only Marcy Jo, but also her brother and
sister-in-law- the AMA award winning singers, Joey & Rory Feek.
We love their show on RFDTV and the slow and easy life they try to live - of
course when not traveling singing across the country.
Such fun, and truly was great to meet them, but the warmth and charm of the
little MealHouse was delightful and relaxing .  It’s located in Pottsville, TN. About 35-40 minutes from Nashville.
What about the food you ask ?   YUM- the best I have had in awhile. Definitely Made
 by hand, definitely made with LOVE. 
They love what they do and it shows. Keeping it simple-  It’s working
for them. 
We're pretty certain it works for all the little things in life :)

Another great area is the little town of Franklin and on out a little ways
towards Leiper’s Fork.  Small antique stores, little gift shops, charming little
places to eat.  Really nice people.  Linsey of LLH designs has just  been fortunate
enough to be relocated there recently.  She is one lucky lady !

The drive out towards Leiper Fork is lovely ( especially in the Fall ) but when
you get there- a quick visit to Puckett’s Grocery Store and the little Art Gallery Next door will provide you with plenty of local charm . Not much to do.. few small, but lovely shops but that’s kind of the point. Just to sit in rocking chairs and totally R-E-L-A-X.  
Yes Ma’am.

My Darling.. just hanging out.

If you want to drive out a few miles you can see the home places of The Judds or
catch a glimpse of Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s home there. Maybe even run into
 or Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban.  They all live close and frequently can be seen just being “normal” folks around town. Be sure to visit Pucketts Grocery- they have an "open- mic" night where you never know just who might show up to join in the fun.

I KNOW. . . you want to go now.

There are also numerous old Plantation houses, Civil War Battle sites , beautiful old
cemeteries all across the state. Steeped in history , the towns are proud to share
the old homes and stories with the public. 

Fun for the boys as well...

RippaVilla Plantation - SpringHill, TN

This next post, we will share a special area in Bell Buckle, Tn
that had the most beautiful Antique shop. Just to stroll down the
quaint little downtown area and enjoy the Fall was so relaxing.

You will want to join us soon for the photos of probably one
the cutest shops ( ever ) and the most talented stylist that actually owns the store. 

So.. lets review - 1. State park  2. Marcy Jo's Mealhouse
3. Franklin & Leipers Fork  4. Stone's River National
Battlefield in Murffreesboro  5. RippaVilla plantation


Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie


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  1. I love that rustic flag sign over the store front:)
    Thanks for sharing your trip,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)