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Saturday, September 7, 2013

A little Dusty

I feel a little dry & dusty. If truth be told.. maybe a little like this.
 Maybe kin to that huge rolling tumbleweed we all have seen
in our favorite Western...

 It's been a little over 7 months since I lost My Darling
and I am still trying to find my "new normal".  This past holiday was a little harder
than some others have been- a slower restful day watching a marathon all day,
but to be honest I just thought all day about how nice it would have been if
he was here.  He should have been asking for munchies all day :) Asking if I
could possibly make brownies, and do we have Bluebell- Vanilla ?
He should have been grumbling about getting back to work the next day . . .
 He should have been holding me close as the day ended.

 When you lose someone close to you- someone you had hopes and dreams with,
it simply drains the life out of you as well. Nothing holds the joy as it did before.
Life goes on- and slowly but surely you start to dream again. . . He would want
that for me .  I feel the need for permission. I'm on my own, so I am going to make
an executive decision and tell myself  YES.
As my old happy self slowly emerges, thoughts of working again dance thru my
head. I realize that maybe it's time to imerse my self. Well, OK- maybe just wade my
feet.  Maybe even start blogging again.

I have missed putting down my thoughts... & missed your comments. Now to the question
of the hour- What is it that you would like to see ?  Or talk about ?
What have I missed in the last 7 + months ?
Slowly, but surely I am beginning to work again- even thinking about revamping
my website some and adding some newer, more "designer " products in with the True
 Vintage and Vintage style  product we now carry.
Lots of wonderful new fabrics, furniture & accessories at Dallas Market this
week.. maybe I will head over tomorrow and see for myself.

And, maybe just maybe you would like to see some of those products and come
up with a new vignette somewhere in your home.

Till next time-



Cashmere Interiors -
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P.S. Aubrie has decided to return to college for a 2nd degree- she is a very
        busy girl.. &  I am missing her.

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