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Friday, September 20, 2013


Vintage Frye Boots


I’m feeling exhilirated !   The desperate hot ( it’s never going to cool off has feeling) has finally come to a semi-halt here in the DFW metroplex with the cooling breezes and rain that came in late yesterday afternoon.. Temps have dropped and hearts are skipping a beat... . Fall....Fall...Fall..

I promised myself I would sit on the porch this am- SAVOR the moments that
remind me of my favorite season- you guessed it,  yes Ma’am - FALL..
At this moment I am still in my jammies, sipping a warm vanilla caramel coffee
and listening to he rain as it warms my heart.

Is anyone else excited ?  I thought so. . . .  And, a trip to Roundtop soon will just fill my heart to the brim !  Yeepie.. a longing for new inspiration has been tugging at me. So I dove right in, made a reservation and asked Aubrie to join me & Anyone who has gone knows I didn’t have to even twist her hair. .  little alone her arm.

With the return of pumpkins at local specialty stores this week in Fort Worth and spiced latte at coffee shops across America, I think we can all relax and get our boots out now !!    Happy Fall.. 

I promise to snap some wonderful moments at Roundtop Antiques Faire and
SHARE soon.

Till next time-


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