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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Naked Fireplace...

Well folks, many a moon has shone on this new home in the country we had longed for- many days and nights of unpacking, rearranging, having family & friends over... But NO FURNITURE , NO ACCESSORIES, & NO lamps... in the family room or Den.  Get the picture?

Lots to do... here's a good start ! This fireplace is daunting or should I say keeping me up at night ?

Until a few weeks ago, Aubrie & I were over industrious and decided to have my Dad come out ( don’t ya just love Dads ? ) and bring the last load of things from the warehouse.. an overflow of things for the website- odds & ends, things remaining from shows and the move out here.

As we were unpacking I ran across an old print on board that I had used as a fireplace screen in a house before I married my Darling, an old window screen that Aubrie had in her office ... and away we went ! 
I literally had the idea, grabbed her by the hand and practically pulled her into the house. It only took a few seconds to show her what I had in mind....

I wanted a fairly neutral pallet, weathered type furniture and pops of green. And honey , did it work out well.  A few weeks earlier my Darling asked me once again- “ Are you SURE ” ?  before cutting the legs off of my favorite farmhouse table to create the PERFECT COFFEE TABLE for me. 
A great job.. thanks honey !

Loved it as a table, but couldn't cross my legs,  so it makes a much better coffee table, don't you think ?

Along with the large arrangements I had made the month before, the few things we put together looked pretty good & we accomplished what we intended to do.  Just “scrounging” through things I already owned proved to be the best shopping and FREE ...  Gotta LOVE IT ! 

Much better..... but will have to edit.... you know how it is.....

Next I have my sights on being very creative, painting on some old bottles and making some lovely artwork for our bedroom with some botanicals that I found on Etsy...   Another story... another time.

Till next time-   Write & tell us what you can repurpose.

Diana & Aubrie

Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past. 


  1. Hi Diana, wow, that's one huge mantle. Our living room is sort of the same, high cathedral ceiling where things can get lost! I'm seriously crazy for your coffee table. it's so perfect! you were so brave to cut it down, but it really works!

  2. Yes, my darling thought I was crazy, but I assured him the table was EXACTLY what I had been looking for
    And the mantle is daunting.. 6' off floor to lower edge- and ceiling is about 17.5 in the center..


  3. Hi Diana, Cutting off the legs of your farmhouse table was a great idea. I love the fireplace and the high ceilings are wonderful.

  4. They are, but even being an interior designer- they are daunting and have to use extra large items to impact. Working on it...
    always on the hunt for larger things:) Thanks for the comment.


  5. Your right! It is perfect for a coffee table. Love it!

  6. It was hard ( for 5 seconds) to decide to do it, but I knew it would be perfect !
    Thanks- I am enjoying your blog all the time ! great job..