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Monday, August 20, 2012

Shopping the Town...

Not that I am a big shopper, but I was ( last minute ) looking for candles to finish up a clients home project and wandered into a World Market about an hour from my home. In two words- unique & affordable... 

I was very impressed at their keeping up with the latest 
“ Vintage” style trends. IN fact,  I was so inspired, that I whipped out my phone and began snapping away to show YOU. 

Beautiful accessories in several categories - here’s just a little sample of  one of their smaller industrial items -

A darling "mini" 
french drying rack.
Great for coffee 
cups in a smaller
How cute is that ?
And, very affordable !

How about for your
daughter's first Apt ?

                  Such cute soaps and hand
              lotions !  Great gift ideas.

 And see below- a beautiful 
 selection of colorful towels
that I don't think you will see
over & over again... Know what
I mean ?   

Bright & Colorful-  and such
Unique color combinations. Not the normal towels we usually see everywhere...

 Citron, teal & navy blue.

Very stylish and very well priced baskets ( linen look )
 for any STORAGE issue- 
here are a couple below that were especially wonderful...

Seriously cute baskets to hold almost anything !!

And of course it got me thinking about homemade and those unusual Christmas gifts..
( I know it’s early ) When you are a busy Mom and Nana like myself, well it just 
pays to think ahead and scheme :)  - even if it’s just a little. 

Now a Nana to 5 kiddies, so I am putting on my thinking cap !

Paint your own Tea set- Simply Darling !

Maybe you need to just head over and see all the
goodies for yourself ! 

Till next week when we REVEAL the new family room we just completed-  Several shades of  Charcoal, creams & kelly green )

Diana & Aubrie
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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  1. amazing post :)
    I love it!!

    1. Thanks so much.. a very lucky find. Great place ! I had been there but not for awhile
      and certainly not looking for Vintage style .
      I will go check your site out now. Thanks.


  2. Love the soaps! Would be perfect w all my seashell stuff! :) I put that one seashell shower curtain up you gave me in our bathroom.

    1. Oh, yes they are wonderful. Lots of other things as well you would like.

  3. Lot's of fun goodies at World to go when I'm in Dallas...thanks for stopping by today. Have a great week. Mona

  4. Your welcome- love to follow your blog. Always goodies to see and read up on.
    I will have to check out The Woodlands location of World market- love that area. We come
    that way often for my husbands cancer check ups.


  5. Wow, great things at World Market. I was told they have some great knobs for cabinets. I have been wanting to go check it out.