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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Transform with Glaze

Well... the best laid plans of men & mice. Not the post I had planned, but whats a girl to do when photos have disappeared ?
I was thinking about a conversation I had with a client and decided to share this with you- Don’t ever be afraid to change the color of an accessory with a little paint !

I had a job to complete and when I went to order the hardware, it was going to be way longer than I anticipated - Ever happen to You ?  Of course it does, so I just took my own advice and grabbed a few paints / glazes and about 15 minutes later we had the perfect hardware. 
Now to let you see how very simple it is.. just don’t be afraid to experiment with a few good paints. Practice, Practice, Practice... you will get the hang of it !

The right style, just too dark.
Using copper brown, metallic copper &  golds.

See what a little glaze will do ?  Perfect now. . . 
We used these to hang her drapery panels individually,  instead of a long rod - just a little different , but very effective. Don't you think ?

Step one:  Use paper or drop cloth to lay out your hardware or other items to paint. 

Step two:  Mix the color you desire with a small amount of metallic or other  “top-coat” in very small amount until you  reach the color you think you want. Start with the “base” coat in the color you want- just a little darker because the “glaze” or top coat will lighten or highlight it , making it appear lighter.

Step three:   Using a small brush, dip it in paint, then dry brush- ( wiping most of it off ) on a paper towel or the brown paper , then brush across the hardware or 
                    other surface you want to paint. Repeat , making thin coats “brushing” both ways- vertically and horizontally until you have the color you want.

Step four: Let dry for a few minutes and spray lightly with a sealant to protect.

** Don’t be afraid to add a second color- example if you have already used a copper with highlights of  gold or pewter, then try adding a bit of a darker brown or plum to it to give it another look. Practice on  the paper or a paper plate, combining colors
 until you like the way it
 looks. Then dry brush away. Best to have a couple of lighter coats than one heavy one. 

** My favorite is the brown paper, wiping it off to do the "dry-brush" technique, because you can re-use it from the paint you just took off.. saves paint ! We love to recycle. . .

** Don't worry if you don't have a brush- I have used a damp paper towel.  It works just fine. Just a little harder to do the technique. Dab a little easier and lighter.   

 And if you don't like it , wipe it off quickly with a damp rag. 

Try looking at those candlesticks, small box or frames a little differently 
now... what color would they look good in this fall ? 

Till next time-

Happy painting ! We will have a brand new job completed this next week 
to show you & will be adding some FALL  to the website.

Diana & Aubrie

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  1. Awe I love how the draperies turned out :)
    So gorgeous!!!

    I love painting to create a new and improved look ! I cannot wait to get all our supplies out when I get my first house!!!

    So hoping it all goes well and i am moving in November !!!! Have so much decorating plans for me and you ! <3

    love you, sweetart