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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Country Memories too... Hardwood floors

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Thinking back to Grandmother's wood floors... pinterest

The excessive heat has been most unpleasant around here , so I am trying to think happy thoughts about the heat which leads me back to memories of my Grandparents farm . 

Visiting them in the Summertime with cousins was great fun, with the memorable exception of one hot sunny morning...

Grandmother was busily washing and waxing her wood floors when we decided to go out and play. Unfortunately with watering the garden ( which was a favorite place to play) our shoes wore a couple of inches of mud when hot & tired , we decided to trudge back to the house for a snack

She had taken the time to warn us to take our shoes off, but with the excitement of the morning’s play, neither my cousin or I remembered.  Wow. . . You needn’t even wonder what happened.. Yep, that’s right- the one and only swatting she ever had to give us.

Remembering it now with a smile. . .  it makes this hot Summer day just a little more pleasant. 

So, heres a few beautiful floors that will help you remember to take those 
shoes OFF , covered with mud or not  :)   

Not your Grandmother's floors... via pinterest
Make the entry special... via a favorite blogsite of mine.
Herringbone pattern via

A couple of tips for hardwood floors-

  1. Always take your high heels off and save dents & dings..
  2. Remember to vacuum first to remove small rocks and dirt that will scratch, then mop as directed.
  3. If you get unwanted items on the floor such as crayons, stickers or gum , use 
    goo-gone ( available at hardware stores) to make clean up easier.

Till next time-

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  1. I love beautiful hardwoods. I refinished them throughout the house in Houston. But now here I am in a house with some hardwoods in REALLY bad shape. Not sure if I have it in me to refinish again. We'll see!

  2. Well.. hope so, but if not there are some other wonderful choices out there now to choose from.
    It's just there are not many things that add "Charm" to a house than the original floors. Is it an older home ?