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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A little behind.

I'm A little behind

After two and half weeks in Houston- My Darling and I are back home and I am scrambling to take care of him.. see some family and of course DECORATE the house for Christmas. My Darling’s favorite season and he loves the entire house slathered in festive attire.

Yes, It's True. . . It still has it's prime coat. It will be an after Christmas project. I know,
another one. But decorated - so I get brownie points, don't  I  ? ?

Aubrie pushed me, and pushed me- but so glad she did. The house looks very pretty- and my Dad came out to “brighten up the place” with outdoor lights.

Very hard for My Darling to lay on the sofa and watch. . . but that’s the Doctors orders for the time being. We are trying to get his strength up so we can begin a new regimen of Chemo the 2nd week of December- we think.

Hated to cover my view out to the pasture, but Santa had to go somewhere.

Next weekend we will host the annual cookie-bake.
We visit, make tons & tons of cookies, and sample a few along the way  :)  

You know- just to let you know which ones were our favorites.

Right ?  

Just a few snippets today- next week I will show the entire
 kitchen- BEFORE everyone converges on us for the "cookie-bake" and then I'm sure it won't be 
quite as clean. . .  H-m-m-m-  

Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie

Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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  1. It all looks so festive and has inspired me for my decorating tomorrow. A love a cookie bake and sampling is imperative!! Happy to be your newest follower ~

    1. Thanks so much- enjoy decorating ! I am gearing up and will posts some pictures and recipes
      and of course they will be "taste-tested" by many a peep first !
      Love your blog as well. . . always beautiful.


  2. Diana, very cute post....everything looks wonderful....I'm taking today off and I'm hoping I can put a few decorations out today, maybe turn on some Christmas music, start a fire and enjoy the day. Thanks for stopping by....

  3. Oh.. gosh, hope you have a lovely & restful day off ! We actually got the cold front here just after noonish, so a warm
    fire was enjoyed by all, but Alas- the football game was not as sweet sounding as the Christmas music - ha ha
    Thanks for the comment. Always enjoy blog !

  4. I am so happy we spruced up your house !!! I was very excited to make it all pretty!!!