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Friday, December 28, 2012

Sign of the times

See,  just a plain old cabinet door- filler in place... This is how we started out.

Primed and sanded any "drips" or runs you might have. You want it smooth. 

Adding the wording or saying of your choice... I decided later to do entire
wording with pencil first- it cuts down on the time.

It took some time.. but turned out great !

Well.. enough rest ?  Right !   Really I didn’t get much, and worked right up until two days before Christmas- but the looks on their faces and sweet comments made it all worth while. I know this post is longer than usual-
but I wanted to include ALL the steps for this cute sign.

Today I will be sharing a very simple gift that I made for ONE of our six daughters.
No, you really don’t need your glasses... Yes, we have Six between us.  A big thanks to Pinterest for a place to get wonderful ideas you know they like- because, yes- they pinned them !  And not just for Christmas.. anytime.

They will like.  REally ,  Not to WoRRy. 

Here are the steps that I took in making this darling sign :

* Taking an old cabinet door, or other piece of wood to use is a great Re-use and works just fine. Look for any holes that may be there from an old knob and just fill with wood filler.

* After it has dried, take a fine sand paper- 180 or 220 will be great , and lightly sand the filler so it it smooth or flat and has no lumps. Wipe off residue with a slightly damp rag, such as a kitchen flour sack towel or other smooth rag.

* Prime the board with a kilz type product- I had mine tinted to the soft light gray color you see.. I have an a motive... more projects with a similar color. And, I liked it so much- it is actually the base coat.
   ( I did not use any other paint other than the “ primer “ color I had tinted )

* Take your template ( Stencils ) of letters and layout the saying, drawing lightly around each letter with a pencil. Be sure to use a level or ruler to keep the line straight. ( Tape down with the blue painters tape or the new green FROG tape and secure well first )  I really liked mixing up the size & style of the lettering- it was a little bit younger and more fun !

* You can use any paint- but I used an Acrylic craft paint on this project. Begin to “blot” slowly  with a small paint sponge, and fill in around the straight top and sides of each letter to make sure there is a good base. Then as they are all dry, you can either take a small tip paint brush and completely fill in and outline each letter, or leave them lighter and less solid. You then have another choice-  to leave solid or lightly sand to “distress” the sign and make it more aged. You could even “antique”
 the entire sign with an aging paint.. Oh , the choices.

 Choices.. Choices.  Really -  it depends on the person you are making
 it for. 

* If you want to “shadow” around the letters - you can find a great tutorial at Miss Mustard Seed’s site. She is so talented..  great tutorial. I really like some of the signs she has made.  Lots of character- most of hers look much more “aged” but that was not the look we wanted for this one.

* When you have the sign looking like you want , be sure it is completely
     dry and seal it with a clear coat , non-yellowing polyurethane type
     sealer to finish it off. Two light coats are better than one heavy. Trust
     me on this.

* Allow to dry completely- several hours minimum before handling- best
    overnight if possible and attach hanging hardware on reverse side- using
    your ruler or small level to make sure they are even and will hang straight.

A ton of steps , True- but it turned out so cute !  I was busily making other things that I will show you later , & making
 cookies, cleaning up messes 
from all the above as I went along. 

And , you guessed it- She loved it. 

Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie
 Aging the home gracefully , Home decor with a past.

As you enjoy the last few remaining days in this year we hope 
you will slow down. . . enjoy your families, & dream for the upcoming 
year . What are your plans for this coming year ?   Realistic Goals ?

And , as always if you find yourself with an extra few minutes- stop 
by some of our favorite blogs. Maybe you will find some new projects 
for the upcoming year.

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  1. Oh my! You have given me a great idea for a sign I just painted white. I was going to use it on my new year's mantel. But, now I know just what to do with it.
    Happy New Year

    1. Oh Good ! Yay ! - we love it when that happens.. Happy Painting, and Happy New Year.


  2. Wow...this looks amazing. Love the color!! All the best in 2013 ~

  3. oooh! i'm in love with your blog posts !