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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bubbles please

A heart stopper - elegant and divine ! 

All I can do is manage a deep sigh. . . 
via Pinterest

This mirror just draws me in . . . 
Via Pinterest

Don’t get too excited- these are not my little guest bath , just inspiration
for those of you dealing with the Oh, my gosh- my rooms look empty after
Christmas syndrome !

I know we go through this every year, and who hasn’t felt like a room
here or there was NEKED ?  ( or for those of you non-Texans simply translated - Naked ) 
Mine just happens to be a very often used bathroom . . . . 

After dismantling all the Christmas last week, I discovered that I really
never liked Anything in my downstairs bath.. the one that EVERY guest
Correction:  Last week was a blur- My Darling and I spent time at the Cancer clinic several different days.... he needed to be hospitalized, but with so much flu and God knows what going around.. every bed was occupied. We thankfully were given the best of care at the clinic and allowed to go home. SO, I was super behind and My Mom & Aubrie came through like champs - taking ALL of my Christmas things down, putting it away... cleaning, helping ALL over the house so that I could email, text and call back every friend & family member with updates on My Darling.

Who can give a big CHEER for having a wonderful, loving family that will just jump right in and help ?  We also had my Dad & brother-in-law taking down
outside lights, fixing plumbing issues, the list goes on and on... THANKS

Seriously we are so grateful for every one that continues to hold us up- in
thoughts and prayers , as well as the mundane “ house- hold “ issues. This
allows me some break and lets me focus on the main concern, which is
My Darling.

Yes ,  yes ,  back to the NEKED ( naked )  bathroom-

Bare would be an understatement !  Im also thinking that BORING would
have been a good fit.

In the next post, which will be sooner than later- I will show you the
before and afters of the Bare , Neked , Naked or Boring bathroom.. you 
can be the judge of which word best describes it. Maybe we will have
a contest - Umm. Food for thought.

Till next time-   VERY SOON

Diana & Aubrie



  1. I love that sort of industrial sink. And the tub with the large mirror is great, but I don't need a mirror while I am bathing. We live in an old home (1928) and I wish so much there was a ball and claw tub. Maybe someday.

  2. Thanks for the comment- I see what you mean.. never thought of that, but then again- I have never
    had a mirror over the tub.. maybe a better placement. But, it is gorgeous !
    I had a tub like you want in a historic home- lovely once you actually get in, but tough when your short
    like I am.

  3. Beautiful bathrooms....I would love to redo mine.

  4. I have a huge one upstairs to tackle next- not much there at the moment !


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