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Friday, January 4, 2013

Vintage Crush
Vintage silver napkin rings. To see them in great detail
you can visit the website. Found via pinterest thru one of my favorite blogs.
 ( love their blog ) Mona at Providence Design
had these pinned. Beautiful ! 

I’ve not had a lot of time to think back over this past year- a rough one for us with My Darling’s illness, but enough time to be thankful that we have a New Year to enjoy !

Speaking of time -  I had some time in the hospital while he was having surgery, or chemo.. or any number of things which required that I sit and just
be there for him.

Keep in mind, he was just sleeping.... and sleeping... and taking pain medications.. and sleeping. You get the picture, anyway I had some time to just browse through
some of my favorite Antique sites, blogs, and of course one of my favorites- Pinterest.

Enjoy some of my favorite Vintage crushes-
Cash Register-
One of the lovliest, most detailed I have ever seen..

Wedding dress of Elizabeth Maxson- as seen on Commonground blog
Simply stunning- old lace is just perfect.

What can I say ?  I love the glow of a Vintage Mirror. . . 

Silver/mother of pearl handle- silver container-


French signs are a weakness of mine. . .

I know. . . have to make one.. you can visit the site I found this on and get
a step-by-step Tutorial. And coordinating bracelets for someone if you
need. Vintage rhinestones re-fashioned are wonderful. 

Nothing makes me happier than vintage mother of pearl buttons, and
silverware with a glow. . .  via pinterest

Rare French 1800s Original Store Display Table Top Dress Form Mannequin
Via Pinterest- Etsy store

This is a classic terrarium . .  housed in a 'Wardian" case- - visit this blog
to learn more about this gorgeous case- I thought it was simply stunning
and saved the best for last !  via pinterest-

I thought you might like some inspiration as well- we are heading to market in about 
two weeks to find some goodies for the website. Then hopefully in the Spring-

we will wear ourselves completely out in the outdoor Flea Markets , searching high 
and low for those things that make our little hearts go pitter-patter !

Till next time-

Diana & Aubrie

107 Vintage
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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  1. Everything Vintage & Silver & Pearl I adore !
    I was actually just thinking up ways to add some space so I can collect more silver and glass jars to display !
    Love you tons !


  2. So many beautiful pieces. I love the vintage napkin rings and a vintage mirror is such a statement maker in any room - happy weekend!

  3. Thanks- Yes, Happy Weekend for certain !


  4. So many beautiful pieces...great idea to go online...I think I will do the same while my Dad is having Chemo. Hope your husband is doing better.

    1. Yes, at least he knows I am there for him- HE is my priority right now.. but I can occupy my mind and
      gain some inspiration and a little joy . Hope you can do the same while you spend precious time with
      your Dad.


  5. so much inspiration, that Wardian terrarium is just amazing!!

    1. I thought it was the BEST ever.. so beautiful. Would love to see something like that
      in person. Doesn't it give you wonderful ideas for the upcoming Spring ?