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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Neked Bath- Covered

Ok- back to the NEKED ( naked )  bathroom-

Bare would be an understatement !  Im also thinking that BORING would 
have been a good fit.

This is where the story ended last time.

So, like any good decorator I went on a “seek & find “ mission, borrowing

from several areas of my house to put together a new look. More interesting . . . . 
and definitely cost effective !

The one thing I purchased that I had seen at Market this past trip was a striking botanical -    ( which I happen to l-o-v-e ) that was under $ 20.00. It was a jumping
off point for me. After stealing - Umm.... I mean borrowing all over my house, I worked on and off while My Darling was napping to come up with a guest bath that made me proud !

This is the print I loved and yes, this is a turtle shell my Dad
cleaned up for me years ago.. love it too !
And of course - Vintage Linens

Little snippets of personality.. a shell frame, pretty plant , family photos

A grouping created with Remnants from a Vintage Show.. and dried flowers from Thanksgiving. ( Yep )

Vintage Frames - Layered

A glass bottle with dried botanicals , a silver tray with hand towel and a little decorated spool of thread . Just a little
more personality. . . 

Before I go- please continue to pray for us as we go yet again back to Houston for Scans & New testing to see if the new Chemo treatments have been effective. We need some good days ! 
And some more sweet time together. . . 

Till next time-  

Diana & Aubrie
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( Saw these sisters at Market this week - Fun )


  1. You call it "seek and find", I call it home shopping- always fits in the budget.

    I'm new so I don't know the full story, but my prayers are with you.

  2. You can go back to a Twist in the Road, 2/12/12 I think and read about it. He was diagnosed almost
    a year ago with Pancreatic & Liver cancer.. we have been fighting it ever since.

    Thank you for your comments- they are all appreciated.


  3. Wow - what a difference a few accessories make - great finds!!

    1. Yes ma'am and especially when you get to shop in the house- FREE is always good.


  4. your did the trick! It looks lovely....Hope your Dad is doing better....your family is in my prayers.

    1. Oh, Thanks.. It's always so nice to remake a boring space that you are tired of, and when Christmas came down
      the bath looked ready for a makeover.
      Thanks for rememebering - It's my HUSBAND- not Dad. It is hard, and we appreciate ALL
      your prayers. Our friends & family are such a blessing now- always ready to help in any way necessary.
      I know you understand. We all go through things that are trying, but we know there is a purpose and
      are keeping the faith.

  5. thank you very much for sharing this post with us

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