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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daily Joy

Well, here we are again. To Houston for scans, testing and 
“ check-em-ups ” as the kids would say.. 
Trying to find the joy in our travels, we stop and look around occasionally to see what peaks our interest. Hey, if you have to be here, then we try to maintain our sense of humor and keep both eyeballs peeled. ( As my Dad says ) 

This is what we found today-

Lovely flowers blooming, literally in the garden next to where we valet the car every time we come up to the hospital...

 Just thought this was one of 
 the most beautiful purple   flowering vines I had seen in awhile- Anyone know what it might be?
Just the most delicate looking
flowers. Lovely. 

Asparagus Fern...I think, someone correct me if not.

Down the street , near Hotel ZaZa-awaits a wonderland of uplifting areas in which to chill out, stop and smell the flowers, or watch the beautiful fountains !  ( Free )

Cancer Survivors Plaza.. a lovely place not to be missed !

Each plaque has a different encouraging note from someone on it...
each intended to bring to you JOY...

Can you hear the JOY bubbling up from the

We enjoy the fact that HE gives us living water, so that we may LIVE with the cancer and look for the JOY in being here for a time...
We live, with a peace
that truly passes our earthly understanding. Amazing
Grace he gives when we ask.

Oh , and did I mention
Even though we are acutely aware of the fact that my
Darling has cancer, life is
sometimes VERY messy &
 not always so fun...
we ask God for a daily dose of his peace so that we may continue to have the joy that only HE can give, and No One can take away.
Being normal and human, I 
sometimes let it slip away, and occasionally I find myself wallowing in pity.. but only for a moment.
Too much to do , sweet memories
yet to make...


A short, one hour away- Galveston awaits. It is raining today- a nice departure from the 107 degrees at home ( not a pun on our store, I promise ) and about 73 degrees here in the Houston area. We are finished with my Darlings testing.. and it’s only 1:20 p.m. , so we decide to head out Galveston way and see the sights. . . .

Till next time-  ( a continued post on Dallas Market soon )

Diana & Aubrie
107 Vintage
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

P.S.  Aubrie's rocking it tonight at her very first production... RAW productions.  Check it out, and if your in the DFW area- join her for the August show ! She would love to meet
you. She is one talented , lovely young lady..  I am proud of her. 

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