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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Farmhouse Memories

For those of you who may have never had the opportunity to:

 1. Grow up in the country or  2. Visit the country,  let me just say, you are totally missing out. Such great memories...

On the way home from dinner in the “big city” ( Fort Worth, Texas ) ... as I neared our little off road ,  I slowed W-A-Y down  and rolled the windows down to once again hear the sounds of the country. A chorus of creaking, croaking and chirping took me back in time.

As I rounded each little corner I was pleasantly taken back to my childhood. My Grandparents on both sides lived on a farm. One was “in-town” but had a large garden -One had a much larger farm out of  “town”, but the sights and sounds of each made for a lifetime of memories. . .
A million flooded through my mind, taking my thoughts away & sending soothing waves of joy.

Grandma would meet us at the door, wiping her hands on her favorite apron ( one of which now hangs in my own kitchen from a favorite hammered silver spoon )  inviting us in for an afternoon visit that was sure to include some of her homemade chicken, mashed potatoes you wanted to just dive into, and green beans that anyone would love ! 

  Always loving silverware- this
 was a perfect way to hang my
 grandma's apron that I inherited !

Gotta love aprons. . . . . 

 *See my Pinterest Silver
   board here.

And it just happens to work great in my kitchen...

Following up the laughter, delicious meal and great times were the best apricot pies .. or chocolate.. or coconut that she had made ahead- Just in case & LOVING every second of it.  ( She cooked for 8 children of her own all her life )

Every visit ended with the same apron being used to dab the corners of her eyes as we headed out the door, piling in the car, and leaving her once again to her quiet little country house.

Do you have a favorite memory ?  share it with us and
smile as you remember.

Till next time ( more farmhouse memories later ..)

Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.


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