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Thursday, July 5, 2012

To Market we went.. Continued

You would think this little piggy went to a different Market- possibly the Farmer’s market, not the Dallas Market. 
Makes me want to pack a picnic lunch and grab my Darling.
Don’t these guys just make the Farmhouse style more fun than just about any other showroom ?  They go out of their way to keep the vintage style fresh and updated.

 For us this is a non-stop, just plain FUN showroom for us to visit.
 The ideas just fly around in our little heads... display heaven. What ideas can you round up for 
 your home ?
This is a change of style, but none the less a wonderful treat for your eyes at 
ParkHill Collection- another favorite showroom. Farmhouse love ! 

I do so love lanterns... 
Nothing more romantic than candlelight and lightening bugs
in the Summer...  Go grab your Darling and the light those candles. Don't you just love
Lanterns?  There are so many new choices out there. ( see older post - Shed a little light...Today's Lanterns )

Makes me want to can some preserves.  I do have a
 great recipe...

Aren't these beautiful ?

Think we will put this sign
on the website. 

This makes me think of
our newest ad - we are
about to be the proud sponsers 
of a wonderful blog - Joy at

Be sure to check it out... she
is a lovely lady with GREAT
ideas and products. 
She has the BEST ideas on
re-purposing and re-creating
things into the most darling

Are the ideas whirling yet ?

Now these are a cool pair of wall sconces and the mirror is outstanding-
 We love the deep moldings. *  For those just joining in this blog, Aubrie & I also have an
 interior design/decorating business in the DFW metroplex. ( )
 So, when we are at market we are looking for our website but also shopping for our decorating
 jobs in progress. You know, kill two birds with one stone . 

Doesn't he just make you smile ?
One of our new products. We just love this bucket.

We are in the process of adding sections to the 107Vintage site- trying to carry more and more that lends itself to eclectic decorating- a wonderful collection of the ever popular VINTAGE STYLE and todays Mix it UP feel... 
Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you ~
Till next time-
Diana & Aubrie
107 Vintage
Aging your home gracefully, Home decor with a past.

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  1. Love Parkhill Collection. they are based out of Little Rock and we are good friends with Todd and Charlie...the guys who started the company. It has grown by leaps and bounds because these guys are soooo talented and they literally work all of the time. We sell a lot of their products. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Glad I found you on Facebook today. Happy Sunday!

  2. They are super talented and the displays in the showroom are always wonderful ! And by the way- I love your blog- and
    your pinterest are very similar to mine in a lot of ways.
    I also worked with my sister- didn't work out as well as yours. : ( Treasure your sister and hold her in higher esteem
    than any other person you might work with - You are both very talented.


  3. This gets me so excited for the High Point Market in September - so wish we could have been in Dallas. Love the lanterns and the sconces...perfection!!